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ShortKeys Lite

Type a few characters and shortcut keys Lite modifies them. Free.


"Type a few characters and shortcut keys Lite modifies them. Free."
indir.biz Editor: Lite is a macro program shortcut keys for 15 user-defined shortcut keys you change the text or paragraphs provides opportunities to establish. Great for repetitive text needs. Automate tedious and repetitive typing. Reduce errors. How much time can save the shortcut keys Lite will be amazed. Lite shortcut keys are typed, the text will be replaced with a keyboard instead of each user activity and key combination (as defined Shortkey) follows.

Lite program shortcut keys, such as text entry permit is designed for use with a word processor, text editor, e-mail program, etc. This maximum 32 characters in a word, sentence, paragraph or a few paragraphs without having to manually type the text to save time will be injured in a text string. Typing errors can be reduced. Instead of just select the text in a word and associate. Shortcut keys this free lite version allows up to 15 shortcut keys. Spare text can be up to 3000 characters.

O, work program and all word and replacement combinations will be active to run. Once the shortcut keys Lite is running, will monitor all keyboard activity. If a given word is used, will be deleted and will gradually replace text instead.


Create an unlimited number of files.
Create a virtually unlimited number of shortcut keys (Text and Text Replacements) per file.
File locking on with the network option.
Import and Export shortcut keys.
Summer is a list of shortcut keys.

you can free download shortcut keys Lite 2.3b now.

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